6 Ways To Care For Olukai Mens Shoes & Sandals

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Apart from the fact that top-quality footwear require better maintenance, the soles also need quality attention. The better you care for shoe soles, the better they work for you under severe condition. If you take proper care of them, they will keep your feet more comfortable.

Whether you buy your footwear online or offline, it’s important to take the time to care for them. Even if you have many shoes you wear for different seasons, occasion, or days, don’t allow beautiful footwear to look un-kept and dirty for lack of care. The same goes for Olukai mens sandals. Caring for them is the key to keep them looking as good as new.

Some people wish to care for their shoes, but because they don’t know the proper way, they use it carelessly. If you fall in the category of people that use their shoes carelessly, below are 8 ways you can care for your shoes.

1. Keep your shoes far away from moisture:

A wet and moist place is a shoe enemy. If the shoes are made of rubber or plastic, fine, water may not damage it, neither will bacteria nor germs grow on them. But if they are made with natural fabrics like leather, wool, suede, etc? Water will not only spoil the shoes, the footwear will becomes a breeding place for bacteria and germs.

2. Have a shoes tree:

If you are not wearing your Olukai mens shoes, keep them on shoe rack or tree. The tree or rack helps to maintain the natural shape of your shoe and keeps them dry.

Don’t expose the shoes to sunlight:

Intense UV rays are as bad for shoes as it is for human’s skin. Keep your footwear away from strong or extreme sunlight to prevent them from going stiff and crumbling.

Avoid using rubber plastic boxes for keeping your shoes:

Shoes need to breathe, so ensure they have proper ventilation. Placing the inside cardboard or plastic disturbs air circulation and hence never a good place to keep your shoes. Instead make use of box created with breathable fabrics to keep your Olukai mens sandals and shoes.

Make use of shiners and polish:

Apply polish and shiner on your shoes to keep them shiny and attractive. It will also give it longer life-span.

Keep the leather rejuvenated:

Use special cream that’s formulated for shoes helps the leather breathe and maintain their shape. To apply the cream use a soft cloth or brush and allow the leather to absorb the cream overnight.

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The Advantages Of Hiring Emergency Electricians

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A quick watch of a YouTube video can give you the knowledge required to do an instant DIY of anything in the house. But there is one thing that almost every homeowner takes a few minutes of hesitation for doing a DIY on – an emergency electrical job. An inexperienced DIY job on electricals is much more prone to mistakes and a small mistake on electrical work can be very serious, even downright deadly.

Better not risk putting your house on the line for a DIY electrical task. If there is an electrical emergency, call immediately for the services of an emergency electrician.

What is an emergency electrician?

An emergency electrician is someone who will come help you with electricals with no prior notice or appointments. Available 24/7, these local electricians can immediately answer your call and help you out.

Advantages of hiring emergency electricians
Safety is the first priority of an emergency electrician – both for himself and you and your family. Because they are professionals, they abide by a strict set of safety protocols for every repair job. Electricity is a powerful form of energy, mishandling it can be very dangerous. Emergency electricians would be better at handling the emergency with their ready set of tools.

Whether it’s in the middle of the day or in the late hours of the night, electrical problems can happen anytime. That is why an emergency electrician is always available. With them around, saving your family and your property would just be one phone call away.

Cost Saving
You might think that doing electrical matters by yourself would help you save money. That’s only true if you do a really good job with your work. If your DIY attempt fails, and it’s time for you to call local electricians, the cost would most certainly be higher than if you just hired them to do the job in the first place. If you had called them from the start, you’d end up paying for less and having less the hassle too.

Quick Response
A quick response is a skill that emergency electricians pride themselves in. They know that responding quickly to calls can help you save an appliance, gadget, or even your home and life. Time is of the essence for emergency electricians. Responding quickly to calls is embedded as their second nature.
Skilled Professionals
Thanks to their skills and experience, emergency electricians can easily fix whatever electrical issue that comes their way. With skilled professionals working on it, your electrical problem would be dealt with properly and efficiently.

Latest Equipment
An emergency electrical service provider would fully equip their electricians with the latest electrical tools and equipment. Unlike some local electricians with older tools, emergency electricians are much more efficient in their repair work with these state-of-the-art tools in hand. You can always expect great results from electricians with updated equipment.

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How Product analytics influence trial conversion?

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SaaS products offer trials to their customers to help them clear any doubts that they have and make an informed decision.

Companies are now counting on product-led growth. Good product adoption during the trial is crucial to ensure conversion. Beyond just onboarding tools it is important to understand the gaps product users are facing.

Getting to AHA!! moment in the trial
It has been talked about a lot and also known as Time to the first value. It is a nice notion but very complex to implement for most of the products. Most of the users have a specific pain point for which they are exploring the product. If the product solves that problem quickly that is their AHA moment. Depending on the type of the product it can mean tracking just a few features to even hundreds.

It is vital to correlate the persona of the user, business (B2B solutions), and features that have driven them for success.

The product should continuously evolve to ensure that users can find their AHA moment quickly. For this to happen, the interest of the user should be captured quite early in the trial journey.

Understanding the reason for signing up can be achieved by tracking of parameters like

what are the users searching on the help sections?
what are the set of features they are exploring? are they looking for help in that?
Have they achieved the goals of the feature? if not, where are the friction points.
Answering these questions and evolving the product accordingly reduces the time to discover the AHA!!! in your product, resulting in better trial conversions.

Segmenting trial users based on behavior and interest
I have talked about the various KPIs to track during trial, but in the end we need list of users who have or have not used certain features.

While working with multiple SaaS product teams I observed that the same yardstick does not apply to all new signups and trial users. Many signups are what I call “Pseudo Signups”, they just explore the product but do not have any intention of using it in long term. These users’ usage patterns should not be taken too seriously in the product roadmap.

If you are offering a trial in your application, it is important to track the usage patterns of all the users, weed out the pseudo signups, and focus on serious users.

Segmentation should be done on both the engagement and feature usage.

For engagement level segmentation, there should be active cohorts of trial users like

Pseudo Signups: users who have little to no sessions, most of the features partially used, jumping between pages too fast.

onboarding in progress: Users who are still getting onboarded. Even better would be cohorts based on different stages of onboarding.

Onboarded: Self-evident.

Engaged users: Users having multiple sessions, using features seriously, and responding to product messaging and other stimuli.
Product teams should also segment the trial users based on product adoption and usage. It should be applied to all the above cohorts.

Onboarding funnel: Understand the lost users based on various stages of the onboarding process.

Feature friction: What stage of a feature provides the biggest impedance for users.

System performance and usage: Check how page load times and API latency is impacting usage. Are these things impacting adoption.

Hero feature utilization: Features that drive conversion the most. Two cohorts must be created, one that has used it and one group that has not used it.
Challenges of tracking Feature adoption during trial
Features in SaaS products are quite complex. A user needs to perform many actions to get to a goal. Let us take an example to understand this better.

Feature : Update profile details User actions
Go to update profile page
Open a form to edit
Possibly click on submit
Get a success response from Application server
In this process, tracking only the Goal event is not sufficient. Users may be totally interested in using the feature but maybe facing a disabled button, bad UX, system performance issues, and API failures. Unless all the events are not tracked in connection with the feature, it’ll be impossible to track friction in the feature.

New releases and changing feature flow compounds this problem for Product teams.

At Fibotalk, we understand these problems very well and that is why we focus highly on ease of implementation and tracking all user actions by default. This enables product and customer success teams to understand user behavior in depth.

In B2B SaaS companies, you need to understand the account level usage as well to reduce churn. In Fibotalk, we connect all the user and account dimensions with each event to ensure deep-dive analytics. here is a detailed post on this topic.

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Chocolate Homemade Candy Recipe – A Beautiful Presentation

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I make this chocolate homemade candy at the holidays and get new compliments every year. It is so delicious and is made by melting white and dark chocolate together. It is also beautiful and can be presented 2 different ways. The red and green m&m’s, coconut and white chocolate drizzle set it apart from any treat you’ll make this holiday season.

Chocolate Homemade Candy

1 package semi sweet chocolate chips (12 ounces)
2 packages white chocolate morsels (11 ounces each)
1 cup marshmallows
1 cup pecans
1 cup rice crispy cereal
1 small package coconut
1 lb. package peanut m&m’s (red & green)
1 – 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
one metal pizza pan

Note: Substitute different color m&m’s to fit the holiday of your choice.

Reserve about 5 ounces of the white chocolate morsels (the remainder of the morsels will be mixed with the semi sweet chips). In the microwave oven (in a large glass bowl), melt the semi sweet morsels with all the white morsels (except the 5 ounces set aside) until smooth. Stop microwave every 30 seconds and stir; repeat until all the morsels are melted (being careful not to burn the chocolate). Let the mixture cool down somewhat and add to the mixture; 1 cup marshmallows, 1 cup nuts, 1 cup rice crispy cereal (mix well).

Spread this chocolate homemade mixture into a metal pizza pan; flatten mix out to extend to all sides of the pan. Place red and green m&m’s on top of chocolate mixture in a decorative pattern (you will not need the entire 1 lb. package). Sprinkle coconut on top of chocolate mixture last.

Take the 5 ounces of reserved white chocolate morsels; melt them in the microwave (stirring every 30 seconds); add 1 to 2 teaspoons vegetable oil to this chocolate mix; melt together and stir thoroughly. Drizzle this mixture over the chocolate homemade candy.

Cool in refrigerator until completely set (at least 2 hours). Cut into squares or for a more elegant presentation, cut into slim pizza sized slices.

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Wedding Albums – Past to Present

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Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and nothing is more important than capturing all of the memories from that day in a beautiful album. It is essential to be able to look back over the years and reflect on all the precious moments that have since escaped your memory. Your wedding album is meant to preserve your special day for the rest of your life. In years past, newlyweds would expect their wedding album to be a collection of single images, one 10×10 per page, followed by another 10×10. The leather-bound book would be a very stiff and serious depiction of the affair.

Fast forward to present day and couples’ expectations have significantly changed. This change was due to advances in the technology of photography which led to changes in style. First, there was the advent of 35mm photography, which increased the number of shots on a roll of film from only 12 to 36. More recently, digital photography has increased the number of photos even further. This brought on a new trend in photography known today as the “photojournalistic style.” With more emphasis on candid and spontaneous moments and a de-emphasis on static portraiture, there has been an explosion of images.

With these new components in wedding photography, the whole way of styling wedding albums has undergone a massive transformation. Taking their cues from the world of magazine and graphic design, photographers have begun creating albums that express the same level of creativity as the photography itself. The most talented photographers implement graphic design placing multiple images per page and include pictures that are floating over other pictures, turned to sepia or blue, blown-up into giant panoramas, half-panoramas, or even mock-panoramas.

Things can get a little complicated, and it’s good for newlyweds to familiarize themselves with the different types of wedding albums before they begin the daunting but extremely pleasurable task of working with their photographer to create their own unique album.

There are many new design elements that can dramatically increase an album’s ability to tell a story. The best albums contain just the right amount of surprises. An important rule to keep in mind is that a wedding album should not be overly designed. It is sometimes tempting to throw every technique into it. This can turn a beautiful storybook with carefully planned out surprises, into an overly done album crammed with one dramatic effect after another. This dilutes the visual impact of each effect. This is where good taste and artfulness come into play. The sequence of pictures in a book must have the right tempo. Balance is essential. A series of simple, dignified pages sets up a more elaborate “surprise” page. An album with a surprise on every page lacks subtlety and has no sense of timing. It can look tacky and overdone. A talented photographer lets the photographs inspire him or her to create a book that tastefully presents the ambiance of the day, all of the moments and the traditions in a moving, artistic depiction of the wedding day.

The goal in designing a great wedding album is to create a family heirloom that artfully tells the story of an extraordinary day in the life of a couple. The photojournalistic approach now documents the day with the most candid and touching photo record imaginable. Your wedding photographer should smoothly incorporate his or her technique with your style giving you a beautiful album to last a lifetime.

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Control Your Present and Future With the Cosmic Law of Abundance

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Originating from and being practiced in china for the last 2,000 odd years, the Chinese are credited with the exposition that with the help of the cosmic rays found in abundance all around you, it is possible to, with patience and faith and time, to harness these sources to control your present life into one of comfort and plentiful ness and also our future lives.

The foregoing is the basis for what today has come to be known as the Cosmic Law of Abundance. I have never heard of it until today and wonder how many know of its existence. Its origin, features, scientific explanation and proof of existence and composition are all shrouded in mystery.

The atmosphere around us is considered to surround us and our daily life with abounding happiness and prosperity, the main ingredients of the Cosmic Law of Abundance which we cannot touch, see, or feel. We can recognize its presence only when our lives fill up with happiness and prosperity.

The wise men believed that the energy in the Milky Way was only waiting to be harnessed by its two staunch sentinels who are faith and belief who will harness the energy to give us a better life. You can want a better life and can attain it with patience if you have true and genuine urge for it.

The advancement of the internet and the wealth of information on it, will take you on guided tour of this subject and help you to understand its many facets and help you to accept that the first step in the Cosmic Law of Abundance is to accept and envelope yourself with family in its fold and then start your journey to gain control over your present and future destiny.

The Cosmic Law of Abundance abounds in the physical, metaphysical and spiritual spheres but we are able to experience only in the physical world with our 5 senses.

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Montgomery, Alabama – Now Focused on the Present and Looking Forward to the Future

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Montgomery, capital city of Alabama, is now focused on the present and looking forward to the future. Until recently, the city, more than some, had been held back by tumultuous past events from as far back as 150 years ago that handicapped its growth and stability:

1. The Civil War, fought to retain slavery, resulted in a ravaged economy of Montgomery and the entire South, along with the end of slavery.

2. Racial segregation and, in the 1950s and 60s, bombings and armed conflicts that resulted in its overthrow, despite vows to retain it forever.

Now, Montgomery has resolved these problems to as great a degree as the rest of the U.S. As a travel writer and IFWTWA member, I participated in the 2009 Montgomery site for the annual Travel Media Showcase. I very much enjoyed my stay in the city and touring many of its historical and culinary offerings.

Over two evenings, my wife and I toured a section of restored downtown buildings that feature, centered in a form of alley, several interesting, fairly new restaurants. One night, we ate barbecue offerings at Dreamland, while another night, we had an Italian dinner of pasta and veal.

For tours, we visited several sites closely tied to struggles that eventually succeeded in ending racial segregation:

1. The museum and restored bus where Rosa Parks challenged segregated seating in public transportation, which eventually led to the Supreme Court decision that overthrew all bus segregation.

2. The home of Dr. Martin Luther King, that survived a bombing in the 50s and the church where he served as senior pastor.

3. The bus depot, where a group of “Freedom Riders”, aiming to challenge racial segregation in bus terminals, were attacked in 1961.

4. The State Capitol building, where King delivered a key speech after a civil rights march.

We toured several historical sites connected to slavery and the Confederacy during the Civil War:

1. Court Square fountain, built in 1885, over the site of the city’s slave trading pen.

2. The same State Capitol that served briefly as the Confederate capital building and the location outside where Jefferson Davis took his oath as Confederate President.

3. The Confederate White House and presidential residence during the same period.

Several of our TMS group were impressed by visiting the Hyundai automobile plant, which demonstrated present day robotic technical prowess and “Just in Time (JIT) inventory controls of the Korean/U.S. manufacturer.

Tuesday evening, we participated in the opening Travel Media Showcase dinner at the city’s Museum of Fine Arts. I was struck by several of its paintings, especially “Mother and Toddler” by Gary Chapman in the area used for receptions and banquets.

I was made aware of several other notable sites that, due to time constraints, I did not visit:

1. Alabama Shakespeare Festival Theater, one of the ten largest theaters in the world devoted to Shakespearean productions.

2. Hank Williams Museum, covering the life and music of the popular country music star.

3. Riverboat cruises on the new Harriott II, navigating the Alabama River.

4. Civil Rights Memorial & Center, which honors the memory of those who died during the struggle to end racial segregation.

In summary, Montgomery has much to offer, in terms of both focusing on historical events and on today. With about 200,000 population in the city proper and about 500,000 population in the Montgomery area, this location is well worth visiting.

Check out http://www.visitingmontgomery.com for more information.

Norman E. Hill frequently writes business articles. His book, “Winner and Final Chairman,” was released in 2008. An Expose of an American Corporate Power Struggle and $138 Million Golden Parachute If you read Barbarians at the Gates or followed Enron, you will enjoy this fictionalized version of a corporate power struggle. It shows how a visionary business plan, not followed through, and never-ending corporate politics, undid a promising turnaround.

Also, Norm has written numerous articles on travel, emphasizing the history and culture of places he has experienced. Sometimes, he ventures into the food aspect and how it relates to its surroundings.

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Photo Books – A Unique Present

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These days it is getting harder and harder to find a present that is unique. Sometimes a book or pair of socks just won’t cut it, so what are the options available to you?

Last year I pondered this very question and after some research hit on the idea of a photo book. These books enable you to create your own hardback or paperback book, the pages of which are filled with photos of your choice. With some systems you can add annotations if you like, and you choose the arrangement and size of all the photos so you have total control.

For example, you could put all your best pictures of a babies first year in there. You could put together a book with photos of a deceased relative. One of a wedding or a favorite vacation. Or my personal favorite – a book featuring the photos of all the high points from the last year.

From photos of moving into your new home, to that weekend away, to having your first flying lesson, all the things that have made the last year special and memorable can be gathered together into one cohesive book as a wonderful way to remember what you have done and what you have experienced.

Many photographic shops offer this service though I personally used Lulu for my own. Being able to drag photos onto the page, rearrange them and reorder them at will makes for great fun – though sifting through all my photos to find the best ones, putting them in chronological order and deciding how best to display them took a lot longer than anticipated! So make sure you have the time necessary to make a really unique, original present.

Once you are happy with your design you can place your order and your photo book will be printed and dispatched to you ready for the big day. I just hope they appreciate all your hard work!

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Classroom Technology – Importance of Structuring Presentations

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Once you have embraced classroom technology and you are preparing your presentation, it is highly recommended that you have structured presentations. Well, if you are interested in getting to understand how that can be important to your lessons, then you have 5 great points to think about. First of all, structured presentations allow for broader participation and input from your students.

You would only be sure of being effective when you have the participation of your students. Then, when you structure your presentation, you would be sure of achieving your specific goals. You see, when you are preparing a presentation, you will always have goals which you would want the learner to achieve at the end of the session and these would only happen best when you have structured your presentation properly.

Third, when you have a presentation, you always have time as well allocated for your session. Based on the weight of the material you are disseminating, you would be able to appropriately allocated time well for different parts of your presentation only when you have structured your presentation. This is extremely critical.

Four, it is also important that you structure your presentation so that you can mediate classroom activity. You are in charge and you need to remain in control of the entire session. You would only know when to invite participation when you have a structure and so you need to take care of this.

Finally, with classroom technology it is now possible to share activities between fellow instructors and terms. This you would only do best when you have a structure. Thus, you need to always remember to structure your presentation especially when it matters to you that you are effective.

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The Perfect Christmas Present For the Person Who Loves You – Quit Smoking Now

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Has the person who loves you the most been disappointed by your broken promises or lack of will power as the smoke clouds continue? You can give your lover the perfect Christmas present by making an ironclad commitment to stop smoking forever! Difficult? Yes, but it is something you can do if you follow use the right resources and follow through on your commitment.

Here’s a special holiday secret that will impress your lover and dramatically improve your chances of success in keeping your promise. When you reveal your gift, make a sincere promise to follow-through-forever. But, don’t stop there. Back up your promise with an additional gift to your lover-all the money you will save by NOT buying cigarettes for the next full year! If you blow it this time, you will be out a lot of money, especially considering the additional money you’ll spend feeding your habit. And, you’ll be embarrassed for good reason in front of the person you love and made your promise to.

So, spring the big surprise this holiday season. Make this the best holiday ever for the person who cares the most about your future holidays.

Still not convinced that you should quit? Well, consider the top four reasons you should throw away those cigarettes and never light up again:

1. The habit is disgusting and stinks. Harsh? Yes, but true. Have you looked closely at the face of a person as they smoke? I’m sure you have. If you haven’t, look closely at the face of another smoker as they are inhaling burning tobacco and paper and then filling the air around themselves with vile smoke. Notice the vacant, mindless expression of an addict on the smoker’s face, the wrinkles that form around the eyes and lips that will eventually be permanent, and remember how long it takes to get the odor of stale smoke out of the smoker’s clothes.

2. You may die of smoking. Die young. Die painfully. Die in a useless waste of life and opportunity. You know it. Your lover knows it. How much intelligence is required to accept the fact that smoking causes emphysema, heart disease and cancer? Read a chapter or two from the book “How We Die,” you know- the section on exactly how someone dies of cancer – before buying that next pack of death sticks.

3. Smoking robs youth and makes a person old before they need to be old. Smoking wrinkles and ages the skin, stains the teeth, saps the strength of the heart and lungs and decreases sexual drive. Oh, you didn’t know that? It’s true. Men who smoke have lower levels of testosterone than non-smoking men of the same age and overall health. If you are a man and continue to smoke, you’ll have trouble getting it up. Does that get your attention? Remember this the next time you open a pack of limp sticks. And, if you are a woman, remember that smoking makes it harder for you to have an orgasm. Would you rather suck on burning tobacco than engage in more pleasurable activities with the person who loves you?

4. Smoking is a stupid waste of money. Do you smoke two packs a day? Have you noticed that if a pack costs only $3 (and in some places the price is more like $4), it adds up to $2,190.00 in a year? What else could you and your lover do with that money? Consider that over ten years, not counting interest, you will have blown more than $20,000 after income taxes. Is that smart?

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