Photo Books – A Unique Present

These days it is getting harder and harder to find a present that is unique. Sometimes a book or pair of socks just won’t cut it, so what are the options available to you?

Last year I pondered this very question and after some research hit on the idea of a photo book. These books enable you to create your own hardback or paperback book, the pages of which are filled with photos of your choice. With some systems you can add annotations if you like, and you choose the arrangement and size of all the photos so you have total control.

For example, you could put all your best pictures of a babies first year in there. You could put together a book with photos of a deceased relative. One of a wedding or a favorite vacation. Or my personal favorite – a book featuring the photos of all the high points from the last year.

From photos of moving into your new home, to that weekend away, to having your first flying lesson, all the things that have made the last year special and memorable can be gathered together into one cohesive book as a wonderful way to remember what you have done and what you have experienced.

Many photographic shops offer this service though I personally used Lulu for my own. Being able to drag photos onto the page, rearrange them and reorder them at will makes for great fun – though sifting through all my photos to find the best ones, putting them in chronological order and deciding how best to display them took a lot longer than anticipated! So make sure you have the time necessary to make a really unique, original present.

Once you are happy with your design you can place your order and your photo book will be printed and dispatched to you ready for the big day. I just hope they appreciate all your hard work!

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