Control Your Present and Future With the Cosmic Law of Abundance

Originating from and being practiced in china for the last 2,000 odd years, the Chinese are credited with the exposition that with the help of the cosmic rays found in abundance all around you, it is possible to, with patience and faith and time, to harness these sources to control your present life into one of comfort and plentiful ness and also our future lives.

The foregoing is the basis for what today has come to be known as the Cosmic Law of Abundance. I have never heard of it until today and wonder how many know of its existence. Its origin, features, scientific explanation and proof of existence and composition are all shrouded in mystery.

The atmosphere around us is considered to surround us and our daily life with abounding happiness and prosperity, the main ingredients of the Cosmic Law of Abundance which we cannot touch, see, or feel. We can recognize its presence only when our lives fill up with happiness and prosperity.

The wise men believed that the energy in the Milky Way was only waiting to be harnessed by its two staunch sentinels who are faith and belief who will harness the energy to give us a better life. You can want a better life and can attain it with patience if you have true and genuine urge for it.

The advancement of the internet and the wealth of information on it, will take you on guided tour of this subject and help you to understand its many facets and help you to accept that the first step in the Cosmic Law of Abundance is to accept and envelope yourself with family in its fold and then start your journey to gain control over your present and future destiny.

The Cosmic Law of Abundance abounds in the physical, metaphysical and spiritual spheres but we are able to experience only in the physical world with our 5 senses.

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