6 Ways To Care For Olukai Mens Shoes & Sandals

Apart from the fact that top-quality footwear require better maintenance, the soles also need quality attention. The better you care for shoe soles, the better they work for you under severe condition. If you take proper care of them, they will keep your feet more comfortable.

Whether you buy your footwear online or offline, it’s important to take the time to care for them. Even if you have many shoes you wear for different seasons, occasion, or days, don’t allow beautiful footwear to look un-kept and dirty for lack of care. The same goes for Olukai mens sandals. Caring for them is the key to keep them looking as good as new.

Some people wish to care for their shoes, but because they don’t know the proper way, they use it carelessly. If you fall in the category of people that use their shoes carelessly, below are 8 ways you can care for your shoes.

1. Keep your shoes far away from moisture:

A wet and moist place is a shoe enemy. If the shoes are made of rubber or plastic, fine, water may not damage it, neither will bacteria nor germs grow on them. But if they are made with natural fabrics like leather, wool, suede, etc? Water will not only spoil the shoes, the footwear will becomes a breeding place for bacteria and germs.

2. Have a shoes tree:

If you are not wearing your Olukai mens shoes, keep them on shoe rack or tree. The tree or rack helps to maintain the natural shape of your shoe and keeps them dry.

Don’t expose the shoes to sunlight:

Intense UV rays are as bad for shoes as it is for human’s skin. Keep your footwear away from strong or extreme sunlight to prevent them from going stiff and crumbling.

Avoid using rubber plastic boxes for keeping your shoes:

Shoes need to breathe, so ensure they have proper ventilation. Placing the inside cardboard or plastic disturbs air circulation and hence never a good place to keep your shoes. Instead make use of box created with breathable fabrics to keep your Olukai mens sandals and shoes.

Make use of shiners and polish:

Apply polish and shiner on your shoes to keep them shiny and attractive. It will also give it longer life-span.

Keep the leather rejuvenated:

Use special cream that’s formulated for shoes helps the leather breathe and maintain their shape. To apply the cream use a soft cloth or brush and allow the leather to absorb the cream overnight.

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