6 Ways To Care For Olukai Mens Shoes & Sandals

Apart from the fact that top-quality footwear require better maintenance, the soles also need quality attention. The better you care for shoe soles, the better they work for you under severe condition. If you take proper care of them, they will keep your feet more comfortable.

Whether you buy your footwear online or offline, it’s important to take the time to care for them. Even if you have many shoes you wear for different seasons, occasion, or days, don’t allow beautiful footwear to look un-kept and dirty for lack of care. The same goes for Olukai mens sandals. Caring for them is the key to keep them looking as good as new.

Some people wish to care for their shoes, but because they don’t know the proper way, they use it carelessly. If you fall in the category of people that use their shoes carelessly, below are 8 ways you can care for your shoes.

1. Keep your shoes far away from moisture:

A wet and moist place is a shoe enemy. If the shoes are made of rubber or plastic, fine, water may not damage it, neither will bacteria nor germs grow on them. But if they are made with natural fabrics like leather, wool, suede, etc? Water will not only spoil the shoes, the footwear will becomes a breeding place for bacteria and germs.

2. Have a shoes tree:

If you are not wearing your Olukai mens shoes, keep them on shoe rack or tree. The tree or rack helps to maintain the natural shape of your shoe and keeps them dry.

Don’t expose the shoes to sunlight:

Intense UV rays are as bad for shoes as it is for human’s skin. Keep your footwear away from strong or extreme sunlight to prevent them from going stiff and crumbling.

Avoid using rubber plastic boxes for keeping your shoes:

Shoes need to breathe, so ensure they have proper ventilation. Placing the inside cardboard or plastic disturbs air circulation and hence never a good place to keep your shoes. Instead make use of box created with breathable fabrics to keep your Olukai mens sandals and shoes.

Make use of shiners and polish:

Apply polish and shiner on your shoes to keep them shiny and attractive. It will also give it longer life-span.

Keep the leather rejuvenated:

Use special cream that’s formulated for shoes helps the leather breathe and maintain their shape. To apply the cream use a soft cloth or brush and allow the leather to absorb the cream overnight.

The Advantages Of Hiring Emergency Electricians

A quick watch of a YouTube video can give you the knowledge required to do an instant DIY of anything in the house. But there is one thing that almost every homeowner takes a few minutes of hesitation for doing a DIY on – an emergency electrical job. An inexperienced DIY job on electricals is much more prone to mistakes and a small mistake on electrical work can be very serious, even downright deadly.

Better not risk putting your house on the line for a DIY electrical task. If there is an electrical emergency, call immediately for the services of an emergency electrician.

What is an emergency electrician?

An emergency electrician is someone who will come help you with electricals with no prior notice or appointments. Available 24/7, these local electricians can immediately answer your call and help you out.

Advantages of hiring emergency electricians
Safety is the first priority of an emergency electrician – both for himself and you and your family. Because they are professionals, they abide by a strict set of safety protocols for every repair job. Electricity is a powerful form of energy, mishandling it can be very dangerous. Emergency electricians would be better at handling the emergency with their ready set of tools.

Whether it’s in the middle of the day or in the late hours of the night, electrical problems can happen anytime. That is why an emergency electrician is always available. With them around, saving your family and your property would just be one phone call away.

Cost Saving
You might think that doing electrical matters by yourself would help you save money. That’s only true if you do a really good job with your work. If your DIY attempt fails, and it’s time for you to call local electricians, the cost would most certainly be higher than if you just hired them to do the job in the first place. If you had called them from the start, you’d end up paying for less and having less the hassle too.

Quick Response
A quick response is a skill that emergency electricians pride themselves in. They know that responding quickly to calls can help you save an appliance, gadget, or even your home and life. Time is of the essence for emergency electricians. Responding quickly to calls is embedded as their second nature.
Skilled Professionals
Thanks to their skills and experience, emergency electricians can easily fix whatever electrical issue that comes their way. With skilled professionals working on it, your electrical problem would be dealt with properly and efficiently.

Latest Equipment
An emergency electrical service provider would fully equip their electricians with the latest electrical tools and equipment. Unlike some local electricians with older tools, emergency electricians are much more efficient in their repair work with these state-of-the-art tools in hand. You can always expect great results from electricians with updated equipment.

How Product analytics influence trial conversion?

SaaS products offer trials to their customers to help them clear any doubts that they have and make an informed decision.

Companies are now counting on product-led growth. Good product adoption during the trial is crucial to ensure conversion. Beyond just onboarding tools it is important to understand the gaps product users are facing.

Getting to AHA!! moment in the trial
It has been talked about a lot and also known as Time to the first value. It is a nice notion but very complex to implement for most of the products. Most of the users have a specific pain point for which they are exploring the product. If the product solves that problem quickly that is their AHA moment. Depending on the type of the product it can mean tracking just a few features to even hundreds.

It is vital to correlate the persona of the user, business (B2B solutions), and features that have driven them for success.

The product should continuously evolve to ensure that users can find their AHA moment quickly. For this to happen, the interest of the user should be captured quite early in the trial journey.

Understanding the reason for signing up can be achieved by tracking of parameters like

what are the users searching on the help sections?
what are the set of features they are exploring? are they looking for help in that?
Have they achieved the goals of the feature? if not, where are the friction points.
Answering these questions and evolving the product accordingly reduces the time to discover the AHA!!! in your product, resulting in better trial conversions.

Segmenting trial users based on behavior and interest
I have talked about the various KPIs to track during trial, but in the end we need list of users who have or have not used certain features.

While working with multiple SaaS product teams I observed that the same yardstick does not apply to all new signups and trial users. Many signups are what I call “Pseudo Signups”, they just explore the product but do not have any intention of using it in long term. These users’ usage patterns should not be taken too seriously in the product roadmap.

If you are offering a trial in your application, it is important to track the usage patterns of all the users, weed out the pseudo signups, and focus on serious users.

Segmentation should be done on both the engagement and feature usage.

For engagement level segmentation, there should be active cohorts of trial users like

Pseudo Signups: users who have little to no sessions, most of the features partially used, jumping between pages too fast.

onboarding in progress: Users who are still getting onboarded. Even better would be cohorts based on different stages of onboarding.

Onboarded: Self-evident.

Engaged users: Users having multiple sessions, using features seriously, and responding to product messaging and other stimuli.
Product teams should also segment the trial users based on product adoption and usage. It should be applied to all the above cohorts.

Onboarding funnel: Understand the lost users based on various stages of the onboarding process.

Feature friction: What stage of a feature provides the biggest impedance for users.

System performance and usage: Check how page load times and API latency is impacting usage. Are these things impacting adoption.

Hero feature utilization: Features that drive conversion the most. Two cohorts must be created, one that has used it and one group that has not used it.
Challenges of tracking Feature adoption during trial
Features in SaaS products are quite complex. A user needs to perform many actions to get to a goal. Let us take an example to understand this better.

Feature : Update profile details User actions
Go to update profile page
Open a form to edit
Possibly click on submit
Get a success response from Application server
In this process, tracking only the Goal event is not sufficient. Users may be totally interested in using the feature but maybe facing a disabled button, bad UX, system performance issues, and API failures. Unless all the events are not tracked in connection with the feature, it’ll be impossible to track friction in the feature.

New releases and changing feature flow compounds this problem for Product teams.

At Fibotalk, we understand these problems very well and that is why we focus highly on ease of implementation and tracking all user actions by default. This enables product and customer success teams to understand user behavior in depth.

In B2B SaaS companies, you need to understand the account level usage as well to reduce churn. In Fibotalk, we connect all the user and account dimensions with each event to ensure deep-dive analytics. here is a detailed post on this topic.

Chocolate Homemade Candy Recipe – A Beautiful Presentation

I make this chocolate homemade candy at the holidays and get new compliments every year. It is so delicious and is made by melting white and dark chocolate together. It is also beautiful and can be presented 2 different ways. The red and green m&m’s, coconut and white chocolate drizzle set it apart from any treat you’ll make this holiday season.

Chocolate Homemade Candy

1 package semi sweet chocolate chips (12 ounces)
2 packages white chocolate morsels (11 ounces each)
1 cup marshmallows
1 cup pecans
1 cup rice crispy cereal
1 small package coconut
1 lb. package peanut m&m’s (red & green)
1 – 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
one metal pizza pan

Note: Substitute different color m&m’s to fit the holiday of your choice.

Reserve about 5 ounces of the white chocolate morsels (the remainder of the morsels will be mixed with the semi sweet chips). In the microwave oven (in a large glass bowl), melt the semi sweet morsels with all the white morsels (except the 5 ounces set aside) until smooth. Stop microwave every 30 seconds and stir; repeat until all the morsels are melted (being careful not to burn the chocolate). Let the mixture cool down somewhat and add to the mixture; 1 cup marshmallows, 1 cup nuts, 1 cup rice crispy cereal (mix well).

Spread this chocolate homemade mixture into a metal pizza pan; flatten mix out to extend to all sides of the pan. Place red and green m&m’s on top of chocolate mixture in a decorative pattern (you will not need the entire 1 lb. package). Sprinkle coconut on top of chocolate mixture last.

Take the 5 ounces of reserved white chocolate morsels; melt them in the microwave (stirring every 30 seconds); add 1 to 2 teaspoons vegetable oil to this chocolate mix; melt together and stir thoroughly. Drizzle this mixture over the chocolate homemade candy.

Cool in refrigerator until completely set (at least 2 hours). Cut into squares or for a more elegant presentation, cut into slim pizza sized slices.

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